I stand for the following principles as a member of the State Board of Education:

  • Support quality career-technical and dual enrollment opportunities for high school students so they are prepared to succeed in college or enter the workforce.
  • Reduce the need for expensive remedial classes by preparing high school graduates for college work
  • Ensure 2 and 4 year colleges coordinate with K-12 teachers
  • Oppose federal overreach into local school issues
  • Support local control of K-12 education by local school boards
  • Ensure that we have high academic standards and that they are set at the state and local level, not the federal level
  • Promote the financial resources available to high school students for college to reduce their long-term student debt
  • I favor parents and students having a choice in where students attend school. Students should not be trapped in under performing schools. By giving parents and students a choice between nearby public schools, there is an element of market competition that will be an incentive for our schools to improve.